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LEDs - The Light Source of the Future

Rapid progress in solid-state lighting (SSL) research and development has resulted in the movement to replace incandescent and CFL lighting with super energy efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for general lighting applications. LEDs offer numerous advantages over other technologies and according to the US Departmnent of Energy, will fundamentally alter the lighting industry as LEDs become the light source of the future. LEDs possess tremendous benefits including:

• 70-90% reduction in energy usage
• Up to 50 times the lifespan of most current lighting technologies
• Tremendous maintenance and labor savings
• Lifespan averaging over 6 years with 24/7/365 usage
• Extended 5-year warranties ensure customer satisfaction
• Contributes to the LEED mandate for green government buildings
• Fully recyclable: no mercury content, lead or cadmium and 100% non toxic
• Fully dimmable in most applications
• High light quality Color Rendering Index “CRI” ratings up to 98
• Available with UL LISTING, LM 79-80, ROHAS, IP65, 66.
• Color Monitoring sensors to maintain consistency over lifespan
• No radio waves emitted unlike fluorescents
• 90-99% LESS UV radiation emitted than fluorescents
• Reduced electrical wiring needs; 12-24V operation
• High electrical efficiency; ultra low heat signature = lower air conditioning costs
• Financing, rebate capture, tax incentives available
• Directed light output, more efficient light distribution, DARK SKY compliant